January 19, 2010

Baby Shower Luncheon

Sweater: Express
Necklace: MarieMarieJewelry.com (Fringe Necklace)
Pants: Target
Boots: Venus.com (2 years ago)

I wore this outfit to a baby shower luncheon I went to this past weekend. I was with out the little man for a few hours so it was nice to wear a sweater and not have to keep readjusting! The sweater was a Christmas gift last year, and I have worn it at my current weight and also at 30 pounds heaver (I was still loosing baby weight). It always fits! Love that!
I don't know about you, but I love me a comfortable pair shoes! I've made it my personal job to find high heeled shoes that you can walk miles in. ;) Don't get me wrong, I own plenty of painfully beautiful shoes, I just get very excited when I am already in love with them and then they surprise me! These boots are my go to when I'll be on my feet all day and I want a little heel!

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Lindsay Hosanna said...

haa!! That sweater still looks great! Awesome :)