January 14, 2010

Dinner with my boys

Top: Victoria Secret
Pants: Express (Jean leggings.....LOVE THEM!)
shoes: Shoedazzle
Necklace: www.mariemariejewelry.com
Bracelet: Express
Jacket: Forever 21

Tonight I went out to dinner with my two boys. I went with the jean leggings (which I'm obsessed with) for a few reasons. Here's the thing, I really love food! And any pant/legging that has an elastic waste band when you are going to dinner at P.F. Changs is a good thing. On the flip side of that, they are tight on the leg and when paired with a longer top, you can do no wrong. For the necklace I went with Marie Marie Jewelry! I'm wearing the 3 clasp necklace (which can be worn 5 different ways) and you'll find this one to be a repeat offender here on my blog. I go through phases and I'm full blown in my Marie Marie Jewelry period! ;)
Oh, and that's my son. I chose to blur out his face for some privacy. Hey, I'm the star of this blog, not that super cutie! ;)

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