May 25, 2010

Kitchen Demo: Part 1

The demolition on my kitchen has become all consuming and since I'm going through it, you are too! For starters, I'd like to show you how the kitchen has looked since we have lived here. I'm sure a few things stand out right from the start. We have no dishwasher, there is a closet protruding into the center of the kitchen, the cabinets are 50 years old, there is no pantry, the oven is CRAZY small and the stove is nowhere near the oven. Weird right?
We made it work for as long as we could! I was fine washing dishes everyday, but with a new baby on the way (which means lots of bottle washing) it's time for a change. The closet needs to go for sure! If it wasn't there it would really open the kitchen up! As far as the cabinets go, there are maddening! They all open on their own and some mornings I come downstairs and they will all be open. Yes, this could be helpful if I was looking for something, but mostly it's annoying and I bump into them a lot. They need to go!
The pantry missing was it's own problem. We used the lazy susan cabinet for our cans and put a book shelf against the closet wall for extra pantry storage. This helped, but looked awful!
Last but not least, the oven. We actually had to buy small pans for it a few years ago because all of the standard cooking pans would not fit. Needless to say I've never cooked a turkey here!

So it's time for it all to go! I mean everything!
Let's see how fashionable I can be while there is debris all around my house....


Christy Sparks-Arrajj said...

WOW!!!! I can see why you are dying for a new kitchen!!! Good luck! I am so excited to watch the progress and cant wait for it to be done and see the end result!!! YAHOO!

Lindsay Hosanna said...

Yeah!! Let's see some pictures of the progress! Like how it looks with the closet gone now!! :) :) :) xoxo