June 8, 2010

Latest Obsession: Olive Oil Satin Body Spray

About 11 years ago I learned a trick that if you take baby oil and rub it across your color bone and down the center of your arms (shoulder to wrist), it gives the allusion in pictures that you are a few pounds thinner. It makes the light hit the right spots and just gives you a nice shine. Since then they came out with tons of shimmer lotions that have done a similar thing and I switched over. Lately I discovered Villa Floriani's olive oil satin body spray and I am in LOVE! I found it at Mario Tricoci and at $16 the price was right! This is what the back of the bottle reads:
A highly moisturizing, non-greasy spray rich in nourishing oils including olive, carrot and sunflower that help protect skin from damaging environmental elements and leave skin pleasantly soft and velvet-smooth. Ivy and horse chestnut extracts protect and soothe skin, while menthol helps the entire body feel refreshed and invigorated.

I like to put it on after my shower with damp skin. I also put it on in my color bone and arms when I am going out! I think it's a must have for this summer!

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Natalie said...

That trick also works on your legs! Just rub your product of choice on the front and back (not sides) of your gams for a sleeker look.