June 9, 2010

Dinner Party with some friends

Dress: Express
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Francesca's
Bracelets: ?? Collected over the years

I had so much fun this night! My hubby had to work late so he wasn't able to come with, but me and the little man had a dinner with some friends. This doesn't happen often so I decided to wear a new summer dress! I wanted to wear flats so I would still be able to chase the boy around, so I paired it with my new sandals from Target. I love the gold detail on these! I decided to carry the gold detail out in the rest of my accessories and went with some gold/copper bangles and some darling gold and white earrings. It was also the perfect outfit because I was able to eat all the ribs, potatoes, grilled shrimp, and cheesy cauliflower Stubhy made without looking like my clothes got tighter! Such a fun dinner table with Stubhy, Jillian, Jiggles, Jason, Bonnie, myself, and the little man. Let's do it again soon guys! I'll come ready in a stylish loose fitting dress and you can cook for me again! haa