June 4, 2010

What's happening in my world....

Ahhhh!!!! Well, we are 2 weeks into the kitchen remodel and so far so good. The dry wall went up the past few days and tomorrow they come back to sand it down. The debris will be bad for this, but this is the last super messy step in the process! Woo hoo! Next step, painting! I can't wait to see the colors we picked (with the help of my brilliant friend Lindsay) go up on the walls.

On top of the kitchen, we decided to throw a few more tasks on our plate. I fear I am a remodel masochist!
We are replacing 7 of the 21 windows in our home. Since our house was built in the 1950's the windows are metal and the frames are steel. Not very effective for keeping heat and cool air in or out (not to mention condensation) so we quickly found out it is a very expensive job to have done. Both the windows and the steel frames need to come out. This is why we have decided to do one floor per year for the next 3 years. The debris for this job is going to be nasty, but we are already living in filth, so why not?!

Why stop there you ask? That's what I was thinking! We are having an attic fan installed. This requires holes being put in the roof, but the result will be a cooler upstairs or a more evenly cooled house! Sweet!!

We are also having the gutter cleaned out and the yard waste cleared. I figured why not? I might have a bad case of nesting here, but hey, it's all for a better living area for the entire family!

All of this I can handle. Well, at least I'm trying! What I wasn't anticipating was the leak we discovered a few days ago. Now, we have had water in our family room before due to a foundation crack so I called back the same guy to come look at it today. The good news is, it's not a cracked foundation. The bad news, it's a combo of our sucky window (which is coming out in less then 2 weeks) and the fact that the entire house needs to be tuck pointed! What's tuck pointing? My exact question! Since my house is all brick, over time the stuff between the brick wears away leaving holes in your house for bugs and you guessed it, water! So now we've got that on our plate too!

Doing my best to roll with it because I know that this is not going to be the last bad luck we run into during all these tasks we've taken on (although I really hope it is!!).

What I am thankful for is we are all in good health and my son loves the extra outside time and the fact that he gets to eat his meals in all different rooms around the house! It's the little things in life right?!

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Kristin Hassan said...

omg! i can't believe you're going through all this while being preggers! you are a trooper!