June 3, 2010

I found maternity jean leggings!

Top: borrowed from Kaitlyn
Jean leggings: Pea in the pod
Sandals: DSW
Necklace: Erin Gallagher Jewelry

I was so excited when I found jean leggings at Pea in the Pod. Well, that is, until I saw the price! At $185 I felt they should have come with a massage chair! I don't spend that much on regular jeans so I was determined to find them for less somewhere else. I looked at Motherhood Maternity, Kohls, JC Penny's, and Target all to find no maternity jean leggings! So what does someone do that really wants something, but doesn't want to pay full price? Find a way!!!
I ended up getting a gift card to the store for Mother's Day, okay....getting closer. I then got a "save $30 on $100" coupon for the store too and we were close enough! I used both the gift card and the coupon and got me some jean leggings! I have to tell you, they are nicer then any leggings I've ever had! I love the color, the fit, and I fear that it will be hard to stop wearing them even when this baby is no longer in my belly!!
I pair them with this cute green top that I borrowed from Kaitlyn's closet. I love that I'm not too big for the closet swap game! ;)
I felt gold/metallic was the way to go so I went digging in my jewelry box. I came across the first Erin Gallagher necklace I ever bought. I actually bought this one before I had ever met Erin! I knew I loved her style very early on!!


Kristin Hassan said...

omg! maternity prices are so ridiculous, aren't they? thought i'd share a find with you - the fashion gods are smiling on us preggos right now! apparently elastic waistbands are in lol. go to nordstroms bp dept... they have shorts and pants with wide elastic waistbands that resemble maternity pants. best part, 2 for $45! i bought four haha.

Kristin Hassan said...

ps - green looks great on you!

Lindsay Hosanna said...

Super adorable outfit!! Love that necklace! :)

Balancing Lisa said...

Kristin, what is the bp dept? I can't figure out what that means! But I do want to go look!!!

Lindsay, Thanks!!! xo

Tiffany said...

How fun!!! Sometimes, you just have to cave and pay the price. But in this case, I have to agree with you that it was worth it!

Oh, and bp is brass plum. It's the young adult section :)

Balancing Lisa said...

Thanks Tiffany I would have never guess that! I would have been walking around going "where's the bp department?!" haaa