August 13, 2010

Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Dress: Target
Shoes: JC Penny
Headband: Express
Ring: Banana Republic

This Chicago summer is a scorcher! It's been in the mid 90's consistently (then add humidity) and frizz ease just isn't cutting it during the mid day hours! I also find it especially challenging because I have the thickest hair I've ever had in my entire life due to my pregnancy! What is a girl to do? Braid of course!
I chose to do a standard inside-out braid down the middle of my head. I tied off the end and then wrapped it around itself making a bun and securing it with 5 bobby pins.
Since I was heading to a B-day/pool party I went with a dress and not much jewelry. Plus who needs jewelry when your headband is so sparkly?!
I finished the outfit off with this pair of fuchsia sandals. I'm still not sure how I feel about them, but I got them for $10 and figured I'd give them a try. What do you think?


Sharina said...

Cute blog! Love the concept and love any mom that can give fashion tips and advice :)

New follower, hope you stop by and visit me

Balancing Lisa said...

Thanks! Following back!

Natalie said...

I have a love/hate relationship with that style sandal. I always seem to think they look great on other girls and then I try them and feel so silly! Perhaps I'll have to do what you did and find a cheap pair to try out.

If I were you, I'd rock them with denim cut-offs, a flowy top and a fishtail. They ooze boho.

Balancing Lisa said...

That's so funny! I actually tried to wear them again 2 days ago and wore them with jean shorts and a loose white tank! Great minds think alike!!!! I wore my hair curled time fishtail for sure! Cute idea!