September 20, 2010

Tales of Motherhood

I like to think of my 28 month old as a big boy. He chooses his own outfit in the morning, puts his dirty clothes in the hamper, takes out and puts his own milk away in the fridge, wipes down the table after meals, cleans up toys when he's done playing (of course we sing the clean up song!), and if I ask him to grab a diaper or my bottled water up from across the room, he will bring it to me. He's my little helper! I just don't think of him as a baby or someone who needs to be hoovered over constantly. Over the weekend he decided to play the "I'm not taking a nap for 3 days" game and his behavior was so different. On Saturday, after trying to get him to nap for almost 2 hours, I walked downstairs to get the mail and grab some water for us both. As I'm pouring the water into his cup I hear a noise. Now as most mommies know, we know all sounds. I can tell the difference between toys and activities just because I've been home with him since day 1. In this instance I didn't know the sound. Then I realized it was water! Now I'm a big girl these days, but man did I haul ass up those stairs! As I rounded the corner to the bathroom I see my son with one elbow deep in the toilet and the other is splashing water at me! NNNNOOOOOOOOOO! He was in long sleeves so that was nasty. Next was pulling the matchbox cars out. Fun! And then there was the laughing and telling me "Ut oh" as I clean up the floor. You try not to laugh and still be stern while doing this!
He hasn't been interested in the toilet since 12 months so this was so weird!
Also due to the lack of naps we had the regular spats of cry laughing (you know when they can't decide how they feel), and the extra pretend falling and needing kisses for fake owies.
Needless to say the alarm went off early today and a nap will be mandatory! I want my little gentleman back! ;)


Alicia said...

I couldn't help but giggle at the image you created of your little boy splashing in the toilet!!! I really hope nap time is successful for you today!!!

Sharina said...

Oh yes the joys of motherhood! LOL, I am sure him not taking naps has a lot to do with it, its all an adjustment. And you know sometimes kids just so through stages where they want to test us too :) Hope you're successful with his nap today! said...

Lovely. Little boys and tact don't usually go hand in hand. Hope his sweet helpfulness lasts after the baby is born!!

Balancing Lisa said...

He napped! woo hoo!!!

I hope the helpfulness keeps up as well.....we'll see I guess! ;)

Flashes of Style said...

loove your blog! <3