October 18, 2010

i think it's time for a new bassinet! Part 2


Here are some pictures of my new bassinet! As you can see, it came in a few pieces that I had to put together. I love assembling things! I'm the resident assembler at our home. Must be a carpenter's daughter thing! (At least that's what my hubby tells me as he happily passes all assembly jobs my way).
I found this bassinet at Buy Buy Baby. It was on sale for under $100 and then I had a save 20% coupon that I used as well. I think by the end of it I only paid $72! The only set back was it was on back order and I had to wait 4 weeks for it to arrive. No biggie!

It has the storage underneath that I love, but it also has a few fetchers the last bassinet did not have. This one not only has a mobile, flashing lights, a night light, and music, it also has a vibrating mattress as well! And hello..... it also came with a remote! This was an easy sale as far as I'm concerned!

This is going to be a save item for sure! All of the other thing that my kids grow out of we will now be handing down or selling because we are done having babies. I just like the idea of passing down the bassinet. Even if it's only for a few kids! ;) My youngest brother, my sister-in-law, my close friends, and some day (many years from now) maybe even my little sister will use it! Or not! Who knows! ;) It just seems like such a silly item to buy for a few months use!

What do/did you use for the bassinet? Hand-me-down or new?


Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

That's awesome! We had a bassinet a lot like that when our little guy was small. We actually kept him in it for 5 months. And the lights and mobile were a life saver. It is definitely a worthwhile purchase, especially because I know my sister and I will probably pass it back and forth a few times. You'll be even happier with it once the little one arrives. :)

Kaitlyn said...

i would love to be the proud owner of this wonderful purchase someday... especially knowing that it was once home to my favorite niece (ok i know i'll only have one, but i can already tell she'd be my fave ;)

Alicia xoxxo said...

Love the new bassinet!!! So cute! You got a great deal! I love nothing more than a great bargain!!!

Christy Sparks-Arrajj said...

LOVE IT!!!! I used a hand-me-down one similar to that one...only MUCH older. It played music and vibrated which was very nice with Lily. She had colic and it was a MUST for her. I also had a travel one (also used) for her that did the same thing...it came with us everywhere!!! With DJ we used the hand-me-down bassinet as well and i bought a baby papazon for him. LOVE LOVE LOVED that! ;)

Linny Jane Vintage said...

that bassinet looks nice:) LOVED that you used coupon and saved some $$:)

melissa rose said...

ohsocute! and high tech!

not thinking of bassinets yet, but my family is old school italian and reuse EVERYTHING, so I'm sure they have random artifacts to pass down lol

Balancing Lisa said...

Kaitlyn, yaya! That would be so cool! And duh!!! She's obviously the favorite niece even before she's born. Some things are just written in the stars! ;)

FashionJazz said...

Oh its gorgeous! Love it! Hope you had a lovely wknd : ) xx

cindy said...

Awww...It fits right in with your son's bff, Lamby.