December 6, 2010

My search for hair pretties

Even before my daughter was born, I started buying hair pretties for her hair. I'm not sure if I thought she was coming out with a full head of hair or what, but I got everything from barrettes to headbands. Now that she's here, has a super small head with very short hair, I find myself searching for hair pretties that she can wear now.
My friend Gwen told me about a store called Pink Hippo bows and they sell bows in different stages for all hair types. Really? Well okay, lets do some online shopping!
I got a few barrettes in stage 1 and one newborn headband.

They work!! They actually stay in her hair! At this point it kind of looks like a floating bow, but it stays in her hair and that's all I wanted! The headband is also super cute on her! Score!
They have 2 store locations in Illinois (Naperville and Glen Ellyn) and I can't wait for her hair to grow a bit so we can do some real hair pretty shopping! They also sell lots of other cute items like tutus, leg warmers, hats, and photo shoot wear! If you have a daughter it's a must shop at store!


Deepali said...

Oh I love the pink flowers! I am expecting currently and hope to have a girl just to be able to dress her up. (well not just for that but it's a perk!)

Alicia xoxxo said...

So cute and sweet! I bet she just looks adorable!

Someone said...

aww so cute!

Unknown said...

soo cute! i hope to have a little girl someday.