February 10, 2011

Closet Inventory

Tieka over at Selective Potential wrote a post this past Sunday about her closet inventory. She listed what she has and said she didn't know how this compared to the average girls closet. This got me thinking, what do I actually have in my closet?! I've never taken an actual inventory before, but I really want to now! I am going to use the same categories that Tieka used. So without further ado, here are my numbers:

Shoes: 36 pair
Dresses: 64 (summer & winter)
Skirts: 9
Shorts: 6
Pants: 5
Tights: 7
Belts: 18
Hats: 2
Purses: 31
Scarves: 5
Tops: 83
Cardigans: 17
Coats/Blazers: 12

Okay, she also did jewelry and lets please keep in mind that I make a lot of my own jewelry so I realize these numbers are high!!!

Necklaces: 48
Rings: 27
Earrings: 31
Bracelets: 32

I also added a few extra categories:
Leggings: 8
Knits: 9
Watches: 3
Staple Necklaces: 5

So that's my inventory! Weird to see I have 83 tops and 5 pairs of pants! lol
Is this a normal amount of items? Too many? Not enough? Okay, I know it's more then enough, but how do my numbers compare to other bloggers out there? Anyone up to the challenge of taking inventory? Thanks again Tieka for such a fun idea!

**Update** Since I wrote this post it has dawned on me how inaccurate these numbers are! I did not count what is in my laundry basket, and I also didn't count the 2 bins of "skinny clothes" that I will again fit into in 13 pounds! ;) So pants, tops, knits, and dresses are higher numbers! YIKES! ;)


Tess said...

This is so interesting! It makes me feel good that you have 8 leggings because I thought 3 was too many, and I keep wanting more!! I think I'm going to have to take stock of my own closet tonight.

Alicia xoxxo said...

Wow! How did you find the time to do an inventory? You should see my closet, total disaster! Fun idea! Glad to see that you have so much jewelry! Doesnt make me feel so bad! :)

FashionJazz said...

Love this idea! I should do it one day when I find the time, lol Happy Thursday x

jenna ♥ a little blue said...

nice inventory! this is going to sound obnoxious but I think it would take me forever to do a real inventory! working in fashion I have accumulated a ridiculous amount of clothes... like 100+ pairs of rock jeans. Eek embarassing!

Anyway you've got a great inventory - love your Hewlett count ;)

Hanna said...

great post! I need to do one of this also soon! Wow haha. I think 83 pairs of tops is pretty much :P And my mum keeps complaining I have much clothes haha. Will show here this list :D

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Unknown said...

I used to do this alot, but my numbers were a little rediculous..haha. It's funny that you have so many tops in comparison with bottoms. I definitely have way more tops than bottoms as well, but the difference isn't near as big.


Oh girl...I don't think I have ever taken an inventory either! This has definitely got me wondering...I think it would take me days to go through that mess! xo

Michaela said...

I have an idea...you can send me some of your winter dresses! (: hehe. How fun! I love this idea (:

Cassi said...

I have NO IDEA how much I have, but I think I have more pants than you and a lot less dresses and tops! Now I'm curious and I want to go count :)

Natalie said...

So now that you have an inventory, do you wish to add to it or purge?!

(Psst, I see another post in my Google Reader feed but it's not posted here on the site.)

Balancing Lisa said...

Natalie, the other post is going up on Monday! I was loading it into my drafts and pushed post by mistake. Then I rescheduled it for Monday! ;)

Kelly said...

This is so cool! Now I'm curious to see how I measure up to this - I know I have more pants and less dresses, although I like wearing dresses and skirts more!