March 24, 2011

Questions Answered

This question is from AndreaLeigh:

I always thought you were in your mid-20s. you look fabulous. what skincare products do you use? tell me your secrets because I am 32 and look a hot mess.

Okay Andrea, first off LMAO!! Secondly, and of course, THANK YOU! I can't tell you how this has made my day/year! ;)

On a day to day basis, and in this order, this is what I am currently using in the morning (I say currently because I switch up some serums and creams every month):

Face Wash: Brand: Nature's Alternative (Mario Tricoci brand) Pumpkin seed & Vitamin A Eczema Bar
Toner: Brand: BeautiControl Skinlogics (gold collection) tonic
Quick Refiner: Brand: Bioelements (New Beauty Test Tube)
Serum: Brand: Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel
Eye Serum: Brand: BeautiControl Regeneration tight, firm, and fill
Lotion: Brand: Pevonia Age-defying collagen cream (New Beauty Test Tube)

At the end of the day after I take my makeup off I put on the B5 serum and on some nights Bioelements night cream.

I ALWAYS use the same face wash, toner, eye serum, and vitamin B5 serum, but since I am a user of New Beauty Test Tube, I switch everything else up monthly. I have been told my a few estheticians that it is good to mix it up to keep skin looking great!
I have always thought of myself as someone with sensitive skin, but everything I try seems to be gentle enough for my skin.

I also think getting facials are super important!! I get anywhere from 2-4 per year (I would love to get more, but it's just not in the budget). I usually go with the pomegranate or collagen facials at Mario Tricoci. Both very hydrating and great at making skin shinny and young looking!

Lets be honest here, genes do play a role in this! Both my parents look super young for their ages! My older sister looks like she's 12, well, all my siblings look young for their ages.  It just runs in the family!!!
I also decided I liked being told I look younger very early on in life and started using "age defying" creams in my early 20's!

Hmmm....what else? Here are some rules to live by! ;)

NEVER go to bed with makeup on!
ALWAYS wear sun screen! (I don't wear lower then 45 on my face)
NEVER fake and bake!
Don't smoke! (seriously, the fastest way to look older! Not to mention give you cancer or kill you!)

Hope this answered your question!


Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing your secrets Lisa! :)

Jessi said...

I'd have to agree with still look fantastic! It's amazing when I look at some of my friends and realize that they still look exactly the way they did in high school (just maybe with better hair and clothes). :-) Much like you, people often tell me that they are shocked when they learn that I'm 32 and not in my mid-20s. I LOVE it! And for that reason, I started using age-defying cleansers, lotions (with SPF) and eye serums. The longer I can pull off 26, the better!!

By the way, I think your personality, positive outlook, and fun-loving, youthful lifestyle DEFINITELY contribute to remaining young-looking. Keep it up!

Gwen said...

You always look amazing, you don't need much help with that! Thanks for the tips! I think I will have to try a few!

alessandra nitti said...

i love your blog dear! so pretty