April 27, 2011

This weeks "I want what she has!"


This weeks "I want what she has!" goes to Michelle McSweeney. I love the entire look. At first all I saw was the amazing belt! Then I was starring at her jeans, then I saw the bracelet, the color of the blouse, LOVED!!
It's so funny, I swear people must think I'm giving them the stink eye half the time and all I'm doing is gushing over items they have styled! And this look was styled flawlessly!

Blouse: $29 (on sale) Loft
Jeans: $35 (on sale) Gap
Belt: $60 Nordstrom
Bracelet: $25 Nordstrom

I was about to go online and order that belt as soon as I got home that night and then she told me she got it years ago (as well as the bracelet). BOOOO! lol Amazing outfit Michelle! Loved it head to toe!