May 16, 2011

Photo Shoot Outfit 3 of 3


Dress: lulus (sold out)
Necklace: Express (sold out)
Shoes: Piperlime
Heart Ring: Jewelmint
Gold stackable ring: baublebar
Earrings: House of Harlow

Okay, so I just had a baby 6 months ago and I was terrified to wear this one! However, I was pleasantly surprised how great it fit! (don't be to fooled, I was wearing my spanks!)
I must admit, I loved this look! Not bad for a 32 year old mother of 2 huh?! lol
I'm DYING to spill the beans on what all of this was for, but it's just not close enough to launch date yet! All in due time! I promise it will all be worth the wait!
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Unknown said...

SISTER....You look AWESOME! Love the really rock it:) Can't wait to hear what it is all about.
And that necklace...DIE FOR.

Tara Overton said...

You look like a brunette Kate Hudson :)

Balancing Lisa said...

Thanks Carly!! and Tara, you have made my day! I love Kate Hudson!! ;)

KaNini's said...

Now this is what I called "HOT"! :) Amazing dress and I love your shoes!

Emma said...

OMG! You look So Beautiful! I Love everything about this outfit! That necklace is so Fabulous!

Shanna said...

the third picture is adorable! It's like you just bought something and you're on a "shopping high" :)

Unknown said...

I'm totally whistling at you right now! You look amazing!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

Gwen said...

HELLO skinny mama! You look great! I love your feather necklace too!

BECKY MAY said...

You look incredible! I love the cutout feautures on this dress! Beautiful :)

The Flower Girl


ahhh im in love with this dress!

Unknown said...

ur necklace is pretty cool!

augustalolita said...

stunning outfit and beautiful photos!! that dress looks gorgeous on you <3

Katie | said...

WHOAH! HOT MAMA! This looks amazing! Not bad? Yeah right! How about great!? :)

LOVE IT with your dark hair!


Lisa this dress is amazing on you! You seriously had a baby 6 mos. ago?! You are HOT!! xo

Tiffany said...

Love the cutouts, so cute. You look bangin...haha.

Anonymous said...

Since no one else will be honest with you, I will. This look is all kinds of wrong. You should literally burn this dress or give it away to someone who should wear it. If people tell you that you look good, they are LYING to you.

You had a baby six months ago? Are you sure you didn't mean to say six days ago? P.S. You're not special because you were able to procreate. Lots of other people have done the same for centuries and they didn't feel the need to document every moment of their mundane, pathetic lives. Stop blogging and take care of your brats.

Laura said...

Hello anonymous. Did your mother teach you any manners?? Or perhaps you've never heard the phrase "if you dont have anything nice to say don't say anything at all."

Would you ever walk up to Lisa's face and say those things? I would certainly hope not.

Lisa is a fabulous wife, mother, homemaker and friend to many, as evidenced by the number of people who follow her blog regularly. If you don't enjoy her blog stop coming. Easy as that.

ps. if you had ever had the pleasure of meeting her children you would know that they are anything but Brats!!

Katie said...

Anonymous, huh? There wasn't an option to comment as "Coward?"

Alicia xoxxo said...

Dear Anonymous,
Obviously you are full of hatred and vile to be so mean spirited on someone's personal blog! It is very clear that you have self-esteem issues that need to be taken care of, otherwise you would not get your kicks by spewing hate filled words at someone you do not even know. Take care of your own. And please get the help that you so clearly need.
Peace be with you.

Gwen said...

Clearly you have issues, and you need help. It is sad that you don't have a sense of sanity. How dare you speak such strong words yet hide behind a pathetic name. The world does NOT need mindless people like you. Karma is a bitch!

I can only hope that you one day will realize how inspiring, intelegent, beautiful and what a truly amazing person Lisa is! Until then...stay as far away from here as possible!

Katrina Cabrera said...

Ohhh, "Anonymous". Clearly you know nothing about fashion, parenting, being a decent human being...or the incredible ease of tracing IP addresses on blog comments. Hate to break it to you, but your anonymity is a joke. Lisa, I look forward to sharing in your laughter over whichever jealous troll left that comment. See what happens when you look so damn good? Some people just can't stand it!

Kristin Hassan said...

Anonymous -
You are a terrible, terrible person.
You should be ashamed of your comment... oh wait, you are, you signed your post anonymous. The point of this blog is clearly way over your head... this is Lisa's space, not yours. Take your jealous ass off this blog and go find something productive to do with yourself.

PS - Lisa, you're a fabulous person, inside and out. I love you, your blog, and your non-brats.

Erin K said...

Wow Lisa! You got hater mail! You know you're in the bigtime now! You look great. I LOVE that dress. That person is a big slobby loser.