August 26, 2011

my love and hate relationship with rompers


Romper: Agaci (swap C/O Kaitlyn)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Earrings: Jewelmint
Pink Bracelet: Express
Gold links bracelet: Banana Republic
Heart Ring: Jewelmint
Large Gold Ring: Banana Republic
Gold band: Kohls

Okay, so I love rompers until you need to go to the bathroom! lol Seriously though, this one is hot, but every time I had "go", I had to undo the top buttons on my neck, unzip the side, and slide it down. NOT FUN! ;) See, we have a love hate relationship!
What do you guys think of rompers? Amazing or just not realistically functional? For me, it's a little bit of both! ;) Having said that, this one made me feel great about myself and that's what clothes are supposed to do right?! So it did do it's job..... ;)


Sarah Greenman said...

Pretty cute, if you ask me. But peeing on the fly could be difficult - yes.

Make Mommy Chic said...

Hey, isn't a romper like a onesie for adults? hehe. You look great- thanks for the post :)

Cassi said...

You definitely look great and that is the cutest romper I've ever seen, but I don't own any because I don't really wear shorts anyway so I never bought one... I didn't even think about the bathroom issue, haha!

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

You are making me want to get a romper! That one looks amazing on you! Rock it girl!

Autumn Van Weir said...

Silly question, does it bunch up or choke you when you sit down? That's my hesitation with rompers. As a joke (lying, I wanted it) I bought a footie-pajama set to wear to my friends house and I felt like it was strangling me! LOL

KaNini's said...

But this one looks incredibly cute on you! I love the backside!

Lidiya said...

This romper is adorable, it looks so so cute :)

Balancing Lisa said...

Thanks guys! see it's love hate, i love this one, but I hate having it on all day! and Autumn, NO, it does not ride up or strangle you! ;)

Lara Paches said...

I love rompers too but I can't deal with the bathroom issue! I actually just gave my away because of that :-( That one is hot though!!

oomph. said...

yeah, this one with the buttons + zip must be difficult, but i still love rompers for the instant outfit aspect. sliding it up/down is still easier than having to tuck a shirt in after every pee!


Stacy said...

Im not huge into rompers but this one is really cute! Love it with the heels too, dresses it up!

The Fashion Philosophy said...

You look smashing! The blouse is lovely and your heels are fierce!!!!



Corina said...

Hii!! Beautiful look and great blog!! I´m following you now and I hope you come visit me too.

Working Mommy said...

this one is really cute on you - but I agree that the whole potty thing leaves something to be desired. maybe you should design a new one??


Kristin Hassan said...

i totally agree! you just feel awkward taking a pee with no clothes on lol. buuuut this one looks super great on you, so sorry, deal with it!

Natasha said...

oh my gosh.. I just love those shoes! they are so sexy and perfectly match your outfit ;)

Cacy said...

Nice outfit :)
I love the shoes!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Diggin' those shorts AND your finger candy!

welldressedmaker said...

haha! I totally feel the same way. I ADORE rompers. I mean, I wish they were the national clothing for women... Then, I have to pee. Oh man, do I hate them when I need to use the bathroom!!! Your rompers are super cute! I didn't even think they were actually one piece!
♥ laura

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