October 12, 2011

In times like these, you must be resourceful

I have previously written about the Huggies rewards program here, and how you can cash in points off packages of diapers for prizes. So far I have cashed in my points for a coupon (worth $13.49) to receive a free package of pull ups. This time around I cashed in 400 points for this great thermos sippy cup.


I have to admit, I'm not buying Huggies all the time anymore because lets face it they are not the cheapest. With my first child I only bought Huggies. I thought since they cost the most, they must be the best! Now with two kids in diapers I go with what's on sale. Sometimes it's Huggies, sometimes it's store brand. I still love that I get free stuff when I go with Huggies though! Let's face it, everyone loves free gifts with purchase! ;)


K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

LOL. Yes, FREE gifts are always an added incentive to buy something. However, for some reason Huggies just isn't absorbent enough for my kids. I found myself changing diapers every 45 minutes.

Jaimee said...

Fancy sippy! :) For some reason my son has picked out the throw away sippies as his favorites. Mildly frustrating since I've spent Lord knows how much on the fancy ones! That's kids for ya!
I found your blog through the Comming Unstitched blog and love it! I'm a stay at home mommy too and try to not fall into the no make up and sweatpants look! Blogging definatley helps with that!
xoxo, Jaimee

Balancing Lisa said...

I find pampers to be leaky! who knows!!! lol
Can we all agree Huggies wipes are best?! ;)

Gwen said...

Yay for free stuff! The rewards really pay off! That is a super cool cup too!:)

oomph. said...

points?? are you talking about the yellow stickers inside the bag? i still have to buy pull-ups for sleeping....i would have kept the points if i knew about them! i hear you about diapers...unfortunately, huggies were the only ones that worked for me (didn't leak)....so when they went on sale, i stocked up!

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