October 13, 2011

This weeks "I want what she has!"


This weeks first "I want what she has!" goes to Kaitlyn Fergus. I am loving Kaitlyn's entire look, but that necklace is a must have!

Necklace: $8.80 Forever 21

I think it goes without saying that this necklace is on my next swap list. ;) You look beautiful as always Kaitlyn! xo


This weeks "I want what she has!" goes to Michelle McSweeney. This blouse is lovely!

Blouse: $22.99 (on sale) Gap

I just love me a great blouse, and this one is no exception! Great find Michelle, this look is very chic and put together!


Kaitlyn said...

yay for being featured! and i love michelle's blouse as well :)

miriam said...

the blouse is beautiful! have a lovely day :)

Gwen said...

You have the most stylish sister in laws! Lucky you! Love both the necklace and the blouse! :)

Sarah Hartley said...

I want that necklace too! Thanks for the comment on my new blog layout. I've been working on it to find what works best and doing some research on how best to present your blog. I'm glad it's getting received well! :)

Miss Lego said...

Oh my, I want that too, gotta have it! too cute to just not own it!

Newlymeds said...

Loving that blouse! Good pick!

MrsBitchface said...

love your post!


that necklace is FAB!! xo

Natalie said...

I am dying over the color, print and sheerness of that blouse!

danangsuryo said...

nice post

Bad Joan said...

love that necklace and it's such a great price!


Unknown said...

I NEED to have that necklace...it reminds me of the house of harlow necklace in a way...but WAAAAY less expensive!