October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Painting

dress & sweater Forever 21, Boots Victoria's Secret, Earrings Pree Brulee, Chain Ring Tiffany & CO
This weekend we went over to my hubby's aunts house for the annual pumpkin painting contest. Now, I've been married for almost 4 years, and this was our first year attending! Believe me, I will be far more prepared next year, I had no idea everyone was going so all out!
My daughter cut 2 new teeth this weekend (you can imagine how much fun we had with this) so unless you held her she was a blubbering mess. Now that I think about it, she cried most of the time I held her too! lol
Anyway, I had under 5 mins to paint my pumpkin so I made the green witch above. All you moms out there can attest to this, we can do ANY task in less then 5 mins! It's a mom thing! ;) I came in 4th place, but the entire thing was rigged so Ry's dad would win. We'll have to do something about this next year. ;)
I paired my maxi dress with a crocheted knit and a crop boot. I think it was the perfect look for this cool fall night!
What are your Halloween traditions? Painting or carving?


Run to Live-- Lu said...
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Run to Live-- Lu said...

Hey Lisa, perfect pairing of the loose choices but definitely styled so well!~ We carve pumpkins... I just decided to create a family blog to add more stuff about fun events here in Central PA~~ your blog is always so entertaining and like eye candy for my fashion SOUL! Thanks...for your support I did my race this past weekend~ I'm SURE you'll have an opinion about my outfit SELECTION for the marathon~

Natasha said...

That sweater is perfect over your maxi!!
I must remember to buy a pumpkin this year...we totally forgot to last year because we had just moved a few weeks earlier.


GurleeGirrl said...

Love the sweater! You took a chance wearing such a pretty outfit to PAINT in! LOL


Gwen said...

How fun! With awards and all! I love the outfit too! Perfect for a fall evening of fun with the family! :)

Fashion Meets Food said...

Loving your outfit and what cute pumpkins!


Alene said...

Love your style. Love your blog. Found you via blogger.com.

vintage process said...

Great look!! I love it!!

Lara Paches said...

Perfect look for Fall! Love it. We carve pumpkins. My boyfriend and I have been together four years and this will be our first year carving together! :)

Carly said...

Love when a maxi dress takes on another look when paired with a sweater..LOVE this...I have a similar sweater from Old Navy and thnk I might need to copy this look. LOVE.
Hope your lil tooth cutter is feeling better:(