October 1, 2011

What guys really think

Fall trend: Wide leg pants





Lisa: LOVE!! I love the vintage feel and look, I love the comfort factor, and I love how chic they look with a great blouse! As a mother of 2, I think my favorite part has to be the comfort factor. What's better then feeling like you're in your jams but looking like you're ready to hit the town?!
I own some wide leg jeans, but nothing this wide...YET! I think I'd like them in a solid burnt orange, deep green, or maroon. I guess I'm a jewel tone kind of a wide leg gal! ;)

Ryan: Comfort?! COMFORT?! Babe, I thought you were running a fashion blog here, not "Sweatpants Monthly" (that's going to be my new publication by-the-way). But seriously, look at all the pics above - you have to weight 95 lbs. to pull this off and even then I'm not sure it works. It looks impractical unless you're like Blaire Waldorfensloot above and on-your-way to some SoHo gallery opening. I'm sorry ladies and I may be wrong (or as my wife says, "am always") but pick a nice, long dress, or wear some damn pants. Pick a side and don't be all Switzerland on this bitch. Now babe, wear did you put those Adidas track pants that I find so "comfortable?"

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Sarah Hartley said...

How funny! I was just about to do a post on What Guys Think about some of our favorite looks as ladies. I have to say this is EXACTLY the way a conversation about wide-leg pants would go with my boyfriend. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, he hates them. Figures :) Great post.

Stacy said...

Um this might be my favorite post ever! So funny!

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Wonder Woman said...

OMG. Really? *sigh*


FashionJazz said...

Ha,ha brilliant babe! I always dress for myself, no matter what any guy says : ) x

Kaylee Arnold said...

This is adorable, I love love love the commentary! :)

Natalie said...

Hilarious! I can't say I'm on board with these super-wide legs but the pair Olivia is wearing is fantastic in my book....probably because they are the least wide of the bunch.

Kristin Hassan said...

Hahaha. Sorry Ryan, I'm with Lisa - wide leg pants are so chic and comfy!

Frames said...

This is brilliant! Looove lol
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Balancing Lisa said...

lol! Yeah, I've got a great hubby! ;)

Tyrant Princess said...

This is definitely Man Repeller fashion and I dig it completely.