November 10, 2011

No makeup no jewelry, lets get it done!

I know, I know, no jewelry? How unlike me! ;) I was headed to Babies R US this day to pick up my beans big girl car seat. If you've ever purchased a car seat you know it comes in a giant box. It's heavy(ish) but mostly it's an awkward sized and hard to carry. I decided an over sized knit and legging was the way to go!
Knit: MNG by Mango, Leggings: Victoria's Secret, Hat: Swell (sold out), Boots: Victoria's Secret, Bag: MNG by Mango

I was able to get some shopping done and not look over done while dropping off donations to our favorite Children's services building. Plus my daughters teething BIG TIME so all he drool blended in! lol This is real life~ ;)


Sarah Hartley said...

This is such a comfy but chic outfit. And I really love your hat!!

Christy Sparks-Arrajj said...

You are always ADORABLE!!!! Loving the hat!! :))

Unknown said...

Man that sweater looks like heaven.

Eleanor said...

So cute and cozy ~ the glasses bring it to that hipster vibe!

Cassi said...

Is that bag green? I love it! You look so pretty and you have such cute accessories and perfect hair, you don't even need makeup or jewelry! :)

Rachel The Hat said...

You look beautiful regardless! Love those boots!
Hope your daughters ok, Neo cut his back top molars a couple of weeks ago and i had a very cuddley, sleepy, drooling baby lol!

Gwen said...

Love everything! You make effortless, look fabulous! Love your hat and sweater! :)

Cara said...

I love this look-you are one stylish lady if this is you on a "casual" errand the boots!
xo Cara

Lara Paches said...

You don't even need make up or jewelry, you look fabulous! Love that knit and hat!

oomph. said...

you look just fine without of the lucky ones, lol! i wouldn't be caught dead walking out of the house without my makeup.

very cozy look. great boots!

What's the next line? Help write the story!

Pat Ranks said...

You look fabulous even without makeup :) Those leggings and sweater look very pleasant and confortable :)

Gosia said...

Fantastic sweater, looks so cozy

Balancing Lisa said...

you guys are all so sweet! thanks!

Vantage Point Vintage said...

Adorable outfit!! :)

Nicole D

the {Postscript} blog said...

haha I love the drool comment :)
Outfit seriously looks so comfortable, and way to rick the no-make-up look, I wish I looked that good haha

Melissa said...

An oversized sweater and tights are the most amazing combo EVER. I love those boots your chose!


Kassi said...

Long sweaters and leggings are always my go-to for a comfortable look. You look cute!

Unknown said...

Oh I LOVE this! I never can perfect the slouchy carefree look....but I am inspired! I love how you totally rocked it!!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

Natalie said...

The last sentence made me laugh out loud. You look great.

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