January 3, 2012

Outfit: New Years Eve

I had originally ordered a dress from Rent the Runway and I was so excited when it arrived on Friday. I was quickly panicked when I realized both of the dresses (they send it in 2 sizes to make sure you get the best fit) did not fit. One was tight in the hips the other too big on top. Darn you childbearing body (shakes fist in the air)!
Thankfully I had picked up the dress below at Express a few weeks ago as a back up dress. I was very happy with what I ended up wearing.
Dress, belt, earrings, and Coat: Express, Shoes: Steve Madden, Red bangle: House of Harlow, Black and gold bangles: Baublebar, Black wrist wrap and silver and gold bangle: Kristin Hassan, Ring: T plus J designs

I went to dinner and drinks with the hubs, my brother and his wife, my other brother and his girlfriend, and my dad. We then headed to my hubby's band's (Lucky Boys Confusion) show. They played a great set and EVERYONE had such a fun time. I had a little too much fun and ended my night with 2 tequila shots?!? I do not remember this. Nor do I remember the ride home (we took a car service). Oh the shame! lol Talk about mom's going wild! ;) I have not drank that much in years or been that hungover. I guess I did go out with intent to get drunk and have fun. And I did just that so really I'm just a woman of my word.

Here are shots of my family at dinner! Hope everyone had as much fun as me! ;) Happy New Year!!


Sarah Hartley said...

Yowza! You look hot! And I totally just realized that I have a Lucky Boys Confusion song on my iTunes from YEARS ago. It's called Hey Driver. Same band? Because that's awesome.

Julie said...

Wait, your are married to one of the guys from Lucky Boy's Confusion?? If so, that's awesome! I've been listening to them for YEARS! haha

Anyway, getting back on track here...lol! You look amazing!! I love everything about your outfit...hair, dress, shoes, all of it! Especially your hair! I wish I could get mine to look like that!! lol

Balancing Lisa said...

Sarah, yes! Hey driver is one of their songs. And Julie, yes! My hubby is the drummer. We've been married 4 years (well 4 years next week anyway) and have 2 kids.

Baby Shopaholic said...

You look gorge! Love your hair!

Unknown said...

Well hello glam!!

Lynnc said...

Pretty, pretty PLEASE share how you got your hair like that!

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Love the dress. Love your hair more!! Wowza!

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

Love it!! Let's change closets! LOL

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

You looked amazing! Your faux fur was a perfect addition. The color was so rich. Thanks for taking time out of your night to chat with me. You were a sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Shup up about the childbearing body- you look gorgeous!! Love your style!


Gwen said...

I am so glad your original dress didn't work out. Because this dress is amazing! I love it! You looked so stunning! Love that coat too! Happy New Years!! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute!!

Unknown said...

You are a DREAM in this dress/outfit. Love everything down to the hairstyle...just NYE perfection....Looks like you had a blast....we totally laid low and had an early dinner..boring...blah....I told the hubs we have to make killer plans next year.


nidhi said...

Very cute and happy new year.

oomph. said...

beautiful dres!! can't believe that is from express! never saw long evening wear there!! you look very pretty! happy new year!