February 15, 2012

Outfit: Stay-Cation Night 1

Top: American Eagle, Cardigan Shrug: Gigi Bottega, Jean Leggings: Express (similar), Boots: Colin Stuart (similar)(similar), Clutch: Shoedazzle, Ring: C/O Sole Society, Necklace: Self Made

My in-laws were nice enough to take the kids for the weekend so myself and the hubs decided to call the weekend stay-cation 2012. It ended up being the type of weekend where everything goes wrong, but everything still falls into place. Here is the story of our first night.
We dropped off the kids and headed to go see a movie. It had sold out. We headed toward a second theater and called only to find, again sold out. Okay, back up plan. We wanted to grab dinner at PF Chang since we had a $50 gift card there only to find the wait was 2 hours long. So we went to a different restaurant where 2 of our friends work. We had so much fun! The plan was to see a movie and eat free, what we did was eat great food, get a little buzzed, and see some friends we haven't seen in what seems like a lifetime. I'd say this night turned around quite nicely.
After dinner we headed to a childless home and watched In Time with the volume up and the subwoofer on. ;) We are such rebels! lol All and all, stay-cation night 1=success!
**I'd like to wish my amazng hubby a very happy birthday today! I love you babe, you are my world! xo


FashionJazz said...

Loving your outfit! xx

Julie said...

hahaha awww the same thing happened to my hubby and I last year! We went to 2 sold out theaters and then tried for food and went to 4 different places before we settled on a 40 minute wait for one. LOL This year we just moved into our new house so we made a romantic dinner at home =).


Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Sounds fun! We all need a break once and awhile. You look absolutely stunning in those pics at the restaurant!

Sarah Hartley said...

Aww, it sounds like a wonderful evening. You guys are totally rebels :)

Gwen said...

So fun! You look so pretty! I hope Ryan had a wonderful birthday! :)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

gorgeous yellow clutch!

Balancing Lisa said...

Thanks ladies! I had a great time but did not take photos until the end of the night. I think i look a bit tipsy in these! ;)

Shae said...

So cute! Love the outfit! xo

Geek World News said...

i agree

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