February 18, 2012

Recipe: Gluten Free Taco Salad

Now I'm just making stuff up. Seriously, I always cook from recipes, but this day I decided to combine some of my favorite salad secrets from my mom and add whatever else we had. This is my version of (ground) Turkey taco salad.

-1 lb. organic ground turkey
-1 can black beans
-jar medium salsa
-romaine lettuce
-corn tortilla chips
-shredded cheese

-reduced fat ranch dressing

Brown ground turkey and add black beans and 1/2 jar of the salsa. Set aside.
Wash lettuce and chop.
In bowl, layer lettuce, turkey/bean/salsa mix, avocado, and top with salsa/ranch dressing. Crumble corn chips on top and serve.

I got all 3 other of my family members to eat this! My hubby doesn't eat veggies, so I was happy he fell for it! ;)


M. said...

500 ;)

Jenn's ice cream making machine said...

Turkey salad is delicious. Be inventive and creative, make use of what's in your fridge.

Phoenix criminal attorney said...

Very creative. I'm gonna try it this weekend.

Eau de Violet said...

I'm a big a fan of taco salads, but this I'm going to make! Thanks, for sharing.

Eau de Violet

Geek World News said...

it's nice

Ashley Isaacs said...

now, im hungry.............like your blog..............xx


Gwen said...

Looks delicious! Must try! :)

erica said...

How good does this look! Definitely going to give this recipe a try! Yum! xo

The Marcy Stop said...

mmm drooling over this recipe.
thanks for sharing!