February 1, 2012

Who Else Got Free Zoya?


Thanks to my friend Sam Ash posting a link on my FB page, I found out that Zoya was running a promo where the will send you 2 free bottles of polish and you just have to pay shipping. I of course jumped on this and ordered right away! In the box they also send samples of their other colors. I now want about 4 more bottles of polish. Well played Zoya, well played! ;)
Anyone else cash in on this promo?


Stacy said...

I did! But I ended up getting 6 bottles so two were free haha, I just couldn't seem to narrow it down. But hey still got two free bottles!

Christina Key said...

Ah I LOVE those glitter colors! Very lovely and pretty cool! :)


Cassi said...

I did too! I love nail polish! :)

Obat Keputihan said...

it's nice... bro

Gwen said...

Lucky you! Love those colors too! :)