March 17, 2012

Wall decals

Up until a few months ago my kids shared a room. In our defense our son was in our bed so really is was just the bean's room, but now they both have their own room. I will show you the before and after as they progress, but I wanted to share with you a great way to update a wall without using paint.
I found these adorable wall decals on amazon and decided to go for it. The picture to aid in assembling was the size of the palm of my hand (obviously not ideal), but I think it turned out great!
It took about an hour to assemble, but my daughter loves it. I ask her to point to the flowers, birds, owls, hearts, etc. and she just has so much fun with it. Plus, I think they really bring character to the room. What do you think? Have you ever worked with wall decals?


Anonymous said...

interesting blog

Gwen said...

Love the decals! What a cute design! Great find! :)

Mike Anderson said...

those are awesome decals i like the owls face!

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erica said...

So cute!!! xo