July 3, 2012

My Search for Hair Pretties: Girly Perfect Bows

As most of you already know I am OBSESSED with braiding and hair styles in general. You also know I have a daughter and now that she's 19 months old, I'm finally getting some real hair to play with! My seach for hair pretties continues...
 I was recently contacted by Girly Perfect Bows. UMMM, AMAZING! I was beyond excited when I opened my package and found such a great mix of baby and toddler bows as well as a korker set for pigtails. Here is a picture of what I was sent:
The coolest part is you can take the baby bows and clip them onto the toddler bows! I have quite a few baby bows I never got rid of so I am so excited that I can now just clip them onto the bigger toddler sized ones! Such a brilliant idea.
And here is my little bean wearing a few of her new bows. She doesn't have tons of hair (YET) but we were able to get it half up, in pigtails, and a low ponytail as well. I can't tell you how many comments I have gotten while she has been wearing them. They seriously are precious!
Now for the amazing part, Stilettos and Diaper Bag readers can get 20% off all purchases now through July 10th by using code 20SADB at checkout! So, SHOP SHOP SHOP! These bows are great quality and at 20% off you can't NOT shop! ;)
They don't just have baby and toddler bows either, they have ones for preschool and school aged children as well! Check out their website, you will be blown away at the selection...I was!


Lara Paches said...

Oh my gosh those are darling! Your little bean looks too cute with hair pretties in her hair :-)

Gwen said...

Great! You know I love bows!!! :) thanks Lisa! :)

Definingtabitha said...

So cute! I'm excited to be having a boy, but it's stuff like this that make me wish I was having a little girl too.

Defining Tabitha