August 1, 2012

Washingon Island, WI

Over the weekend me and the hubby headed north to Washington Island, WI.
We were invited to a cousins reunion so we decided to ditch the kids and sneak away for a mini vacation. It was beautiful! I had never been before so I didn't really know what we were in for. The first day was mostly travel and then we met up with the family for some drinks and food. The second day we rented scooters and saw some of the sites, went to the rock beach, and again ended up hanging with the family. Here are some photos of my outfits and the beautiful Washington Island. washingtonisland washingtonisland2
Now I've riden scooters before, but never ones that go 45 mph! I had a blast! Apparently I have the need for speed as my hubby cound no catch up with me ;)
The below shot was taken our last night there. How stunning is the view?!
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