September 11, 2012

A Look Back: Favorites from Fall 2011

Here are a few of my favorite looks from fall/winter of last year: Photobucket
Loving layers and long sleeve maxi dress still for this year
Jewel toned maxi skirts and leggings with blouses
Knits and skinny jeans with boots, and pattern shorts with tights and kints
Totally rocking these types of styles out again this year!
What do you think? Do you feel any of these looks are outdated since last year?
What are you most looking forward to wearing this fall/winter?


Sarah Hartley said...

That first maxi dress is definitely my fave. It's so perfect on you.

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks! It was one of my favorites too, sadly the dress got too big for me and I sold it. It has a great home now...I know the girl who bought it LOVES it! ;)

ScrubJ said...

Just came to the blog... Wow nice looks...
Lovely designs !!

Gwen said...

Looking beautiful as always in every style! I sooo want that first dress too! :)

Lara Paches said...

That picture of you in the leaves is perfection :-). Fall is my favorite season! (I think we are especially lucky having the colors and temps of it here in the midwest!)

Nikki said...

Your hair is ridiculously amazing.. I love fall too!
Nikki at