September 26, 2012

Latest Obsessions

As per usual I have many current obsession ;) Here are my three favorite things right now. 
One for me, one for my kids, and the last one is my favorite current trend:
This stuff is heaven! I love the smell, the way my skin looks after using it, and the cool orange color. It's great on elbows and knees (well really all over your body) and it is something I look forward to using in my daily shower routine.
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This stuff is great! It smells like lavender and my little ladies hair looks AMAZING after every wash. I'd say this is a must buy for sure!
*Again, you can get 20% your full order at Charleston Naturally using code "S&DB"
Leopard print
I currently own a shift dress, peplum top (not shown, Kaitlyn is borrowing it ;), 2 blouses, a scarf, and 2 pair of shoes with leopard print on them. Obsessed much? It's safe to say, yes I am!
What are your current obsessions?


Sarah Hartley said...

Loving all that leopard print! I need a leopard print peplum top.

Cacy said...

I love the leopard print too!It's easy to become addict to leopard print :D

Unknown said...

yes it is! ;)

Fiona said...

Leopard really does add some confidence to a woman when wearing it. Love!!

Polly said...

Mesop, it's an Australian brand of clothing which is very forgiving, great for post baby bodies, and even better for layering. Cannot get enough.

Lara Paches said...

It's definitely safe to say that I am obsessed with leopard print too! :-) Xo!