October 8, 2012

What Guys Really Think-Fall 2012 Trends

There are so many new fall trends this year, I wanted to have my hubby take a peek and see what he thinks (aka what he will want to see me in this season ;).
Here is a recap from of the hottest fall trends for 2012:
There's a lot to comment on here! Obviously these are runway pictures and the "street" versions would be less over the top, but I'm not loving a few of the trends this fall.
Golden Child: LOVE! Who doesn't love metallic sparkle? And gold is amazing well into the holidays and new year so this one is a must.
Shakespeare in Love: not totally loving it. It's not really me so we'll see if I try for any period pieces this coming season.
Military Minded: LOVE! This is big every fall. Army green coats, vests, and combat boots. Trends like this are great because the items you buy become staple pieces you can wear year after year.
Wax On: Not that dress! Unless you're talking a faux leather legging, skirt, or pops of this material on a dress or something, I am not digging this. I think this trend is nice in moderation.
Room to Grow: How about no. lol I am not a fan of over sized outerwear. Period. I love big coats, long coats, big collars, etc., but in your size, not this over sized!
Velvet Underground: eeekkkk! Again not a fan. I've never been big on velvet. Let's see if my mind can be changed in the coming months. ;)
Fenced in: I love patterns so this is alright. I wouldn't wear it head to toe like above, but again, in moderation it's nice.
Suit Up: Always love a great suit. Again, a trend that is seen year in and year out.
I'm wearing sweatpants right now, so sure - I should totally be critiquing woman's designer fashion. Lets do this.
Golden Child: This is a very sexy dress. Not sure how anyone could hate this look.
Shakespeare in Love: Are they bringing back Madonna's late 80's "La Isla Bonita" thing here? Pass.
Military Minded: Very forceful, aggressive; German designer?
Wax On: This one really "pops" - a cool twist on the little black dress. "I submit, I submit!"
Room to Grow: Seems like a coat only cold, calculating women would try to pull off. Slightly obnoxious.
Velvet Underground: Dig the velvet (very 70's), but isn't the design basically the old J-Lo at the Grammy's dress?
Fenced in: The new villain in the next "Tron" sequel. Gives me a headache. 
Suit Up: Pam-Am stewardess from 1967 on her weekend off. She's going to Catalina to meet her new flame, but he may be a cold spy for the Russians. Also, this girl's face is scaring me a bit!

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