December 26, 2012

10 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Me

Some are deep, some are silly...thanks in advance for reading!

1) I have had the same best friend for almost 23 years now and we speak daily. (Shout out Gwennie)
In these daily conversations there is at least once that the following topics come up:
-Vampire Diaries
-Ian Somerhalder
-Dancing (so you think you can dance, dance routines to Disney movies...ours and our kids) 
-smutty book chat
I would be LOST with out her and wish we lived in a house where our basements met (underground tunnel system maybe?) so we could hang out everyday all day. TRUTH!

2) I stress about everything and have a VERY type A personality. This is both a strength and a weakness. Bad for my health I'm sure and I know I stress my hubby and my partner Kaitlyn out sometime because of it! ;) However, because of this trait everything that needs to get done in the day with my kids, house, hubby, business, blogs, social networking, etc always gets done.

3) I am habitually early. Like 15 minutes early is on time to me. On time is late. Time is money people, I don't waste yours, don't waste mine. ;)

4) I think most of you know by now that my son has autism. My daughter is too young for a diagnosis but is currently enrolled in Early Intervention with speech therapy and developmental therapy. Both kids are on gluten free/low dairy diets with lots of vitamins and supplements (including giving my son B12 shots every 3 days, and giving him LDN every night), they both have weekly therapies, and we work our butts off on a daily basis just to keep up with the "norm".
Here are the things I don't talk about:
There are times when I feel depressed that we were dealt this hand. That our kids were dealt this hand. I see friends and family with "neuro typical" children and I feel envious.
It obviously goes without saying that my children are MY WORLD and I would not trade them for anything!!!
There are good days and there are bad days.
On the good days it's like life makes sense and I have hope for their future.
The bad days are bad. I wish I had a magic wand to make it all go away. Instead I get to watch something I don't fully understand happen to my son. I am helpless and hope it doesn't last more then a few days this time.
**My son explains it as his brain hurts on these days. He is only 4 so I hope to understand more about it as he grows up and can communicate better with me.
To us it seems over emotional/withdrawn at times/odd behavior/glossed over/repetitive behavior and speech/disconnected....any fellow patents of autistic children know what I mean? 
It's okay for me to feel overwhelmed (do you know how long it has taken for me to come to grips with that?!)
As their mother it's my job to worry about their future and do everything in my power to make them fully functioning adults! We will get there. It is my life's mission.

5) I am deathly afraid of sharks, even in lakes. I have never been in the ocean deeper then my knees and do not plan to. I'm more of a "on the boat" or "poolside" kind of a girl.

6) My mom has always told me since day one I was always total extremes. I was either totally happy or totally mad/sad. This is still true now. And my daughter is EXACTLY the same. Lord help us! ;)

7) I LOVE reality TV. My DVR is filled with it.

8) I can NOT go a day with out eating eggs. I have 2 eggs over easy (cooked in coconut oil) every morning with blueberries. This has been going on for YEARS!

9) I don't wash my hair often. Sometimes twice a week if I have events but generally more like once every 4-5 days lately.
If you see me in a bun, top knot, or hat, it's day 3-5. ;)

10) I use coconut oil and Vaseline for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you can think of.
Need proof? Here are some examples: 
Lotion on myself and kids after shower-coconut oil
dry hair- coconut oil for 10 mins and wash out
cooking- coconut oil
chap lips- either
make up remover- Vaseline
face lotion- either
dry feet- either
dry hands- either
diaper rash- Vaseline
Rash or Burn- Vaseline
Mascara brush cleaner- coconut oil
Eyelash strengthener- coconut oil
Prevent stretch marks when pregnant- coconut oil
There are seriously so many more but I will end now not to be known as the crazy coconut oil lady!

Thanks for reading, nice to meet you! ;)


oomph. said...

my nephew is borderline something....tests never categorized him in any one way or another, but we know he's "special". it's been a rough road for my sister as well. my nephew has been in speech therapy and all the special ed programs at school, but my sister works hard to keep him up with the norm at school. he's 13 now and his speech is much better...still broken, but understandable. so i know exactly what you are experiencing. hang in there...sounds like you are handling things well.

before kids, i was always the early one...hated waiting! but now i'm the late one. must work on this in the new year!

hope you had a nice christmas!


Polly said...

Now I think you are even more amazing! I have a friend who is using the GAPS diet and seeing some real progress. There seems to be so much we don't know about Autism. I hate being late, but it seems being late was written into my marriage contract. I can have 3 kids and myself ready to go and still be waiting on my husband to get out to door. So frustrating. My favourite saying is my time is no more important than anyone else's.

kaitlyn said...

Great post! And your type a compliments my type b, so it works out ;)

Gwen said...

Love you Lisa!! Fronk! ;)

LakehouseLyn said...

My type A understands your type A completely. You amaze me every day and our precious grandbabies couldn't have a more loving mother. We are blessed!

Lara Paches said...

Thanks for sharing, Lisa! To me you are superwoman :-). Xo!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing Lisa, you are amazing!

De Dotties said...

Thanks for sharing, great post!

Marissa said...

Coconut oil is amazing!! Seriously though, look it up, it's a cure for almost anything :P

Unknown said...

That was very inspiring! Kudos to you.
Xo from Denmark.

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

I am finally catching up on blog reading and came upon this post. I love it and you are amazing. I can't imagine the worry, the daily schedule, and the feeling you go through but I think you are incredible!

Let's definitely meet up in the new year. Thank YOU for all your support.


Balancing Lisa said...

thanks everyone! Nice to know I can chat about more then fashion on here! LOVE you all! xo

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ECE Teacher said...

Just so everyone knows- your son is fabulous and amazing! He certainly is takes after his mom! Thanks for all you do!