December 1, 2012

Product Review: Argan Oil

I was sent a bottle of Argan oil by Russell Organics for review.
Here is a bit about the product:
Toxin Free-Russell Organics Argan Oil contains only 100% pure Argan Oil. There is nothing else in the jar. No toxins. No additives.
Cruelty free, Vegan-Certified cruelty free and certified vegan.
Versatile-Can be used on hair as a conditioner and scalp treatment, on skin as a moisturizer, and on nail beds as a nail oil.
Cost Effective-With only a few drops needed per use, Russell Organics Argan Oil is one of the most cost-effective beauty products on the market!
Convenient- Available in a convenient 2 fl oz size container, it can be carried on a flight as it meets TSA travel requirements.

I used the Argan Oil on my nails and in my hair. I LOVE this product.
My hands/nail beds get so dry this time of year (as you can see in the above photo of me holding this product), and so do the ends of my hair so I figured it was perfect time to put it to the test.
I tried on my nails first. I saw results after one use so now I'm using it about twice a week to keep them crack free and looking/feeling better in general.
Next I tried it in my hair. I used it on the ends after my hair was clean and still wet. The second time I used it on the ends when my hair was already dry because I thought my hair looked super dry. Argan oil did the trick!
I would recommend this product to all!
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