January 3, 2013

Out With the Old, In With the New

I have had this top since July 2011 and have only worn it 5 times, what a waste!
I got a new chambray top for Christmas so it's time for this one to find a new home.
Here is how I have styled my American Eagle collared top in the past year and a half:

If you'd like to buy this one (size M), it is currently listed in my Because I shop too Much closet for $10 (retail price was $59.95). USA buyers only, sorry!
(The circle bangle in the 3rd outfit pic is listed for sale there too!)
Here is my new one from JC Penny. I can't wait to style this one through out the year. I promise I will not waste a great top this time around!

 Every switch out an item when you get a new one just like it?
I like to upgrade items in my closet too. Once I get my lust items, I sell/swap my must ones. ;)


Sarah Hartley said...

I'm still on the hunt for a great chambray shirt. I have one from Forever 21 that I've just never been crazy about.

Unknown said...

Love it! I might need to go buy that one from you. I have been looking for one of those shirts forever! A lot of them I find have patterns on them or the bleach stains, but i'd really like a simple one like you have. Thanks!


Unknown said...

Love my Chambray/Denim shirts...My old navy one (which I wore weekly last year) was replaced by a pricier JCrew version when I realized how often I was wearing it...it is oversize tho- cause I was hiding post preggo body..so I think I need a more tailored one as well.
Love all your looks...only FIVE times? Shame on you missy...better see this JCP version more often. j/k.

tiffany said...

so, tell me about these heels in the first 2 pictures! i'm obsessed! :)

Balancing Lisa said...

The heels in the firt 2 pics are from 2 years ago. they are cally the Dany shoe by Jessica Simpson. She still makes the style, just in different colors now. Jeffery Campbell also makes a similar shoe. Hope that helps! ;)

Unknown said...

Cute style and cute blog! I just found you! Started following via GFC! Hope you can check mine out!
xo jess