January 18, 2013

Outfit: Mexico Vacation (Day 4 of 4)

We decided to spend the entire last day outside since it was 83 degrees and sunny out.
This was both a great idea and a bad one. I got WAY too much sun, but that was the plan so I guess mission accomplished!
Here are some beach shots of our 6 hours in the sun:
Photobucket  Suit: Target, Sunnies: Prada 
After a nice nap and a shower, we headed out for our last dinner date of the trip.
Here I what I wore for my date:

high low hem dress jewelry dots fashion
Dress: Dots, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Onyx bracelet: C/O Silver Speck, Turquoise Bracelet and Anklet: Beach Vender, Bracelet: C/O House of Gemmes, Stackable Rings: Shop Jules, Ring: Threadsence
We had a lovely lobster dinner and turned in by 9:00pm as we had to leave at 5:00am to catch our flight home.
Here is the last photo me and the hubby took on our way back to our room:

Overall, this was hands down one of the best trips of my life. We only had 3 full days there but it seriously felt like a week.
We were SO ready to come home and see our children and get back into our routine.
I think the hubbs and I plan to sneak away every 5 years just the two of us, but we can not to take our babies on our next vacation for sure!
I hope you've enjoyed my Mexico recap...thanks for letting me share it with you all! xo


Sarah Hartley said...

This post probably made me the most jealous of your trip. I want to lay in the sun!

Gwen said...

You guys look great! So happy you both had such a great get away! You deserved it for sure! :)

the classroom creative said...

Looks like you and Ryan got all the rest you needed.

Hope to see you soon,

Unknown said...

Looks like yall had a blast! Love the fringe bathing suit!! It's great to get away sometimes. I am so jealous and in need of a getaway, myself.


pakitong said...

I am avid of night swimming its teasing me,nice place to go.


Polly said...

6 hours on the beach sounds absolutely the most perfect way to end your trip, and a lobster dinner too? Perfect. I think it's fantastic to have a little brek from the kids. DD and I went to US in 11 for 2 weeks as our friends were married in Vegas, it was so cool to be just us.