February 1, 2013

Dressing to Music: Robyn- Dancing On My Own

There is nothing I love more then a sad pop/up beat song. Is that werid? There is just something amazing about a song that gets you moving and then you listen to the words and it breaks your heart.
I'm sure every girl has been there. You can't figure out why he doesn't love you back...the same tale...most girls high school, college, and young adults lives, no? Well I was for sure in that group.
 When I was yonger my go to was Fefe Dobson- Kiss me fool or Jeff Buckley-Last Goodbye.
Anyway, back to the point, this song is the bomb! It is in high rotation and my kids love to dance to it too.

Here is the look I styled as I danced around my room to "Dancin on my own":
print mixing
My son actually took an awesome shot of me dancing on my bed, so of course I had to share with you! (That rack behind me is filled with my 30/60 challenge items.)

Tee: Threadsence, Blouse: Piperlime, Jeans: 7 for all Mankind, Necklace: Swap w/ Kaitlyn (baublebar), Bow Ring: T + J Designs, Stacklable Rings: Shop Jules, Ring: Threadsence, Headband: Hand-me-down from Katrina
Are you a Robyn fan? I really only LOVE this song of hers, but she has some other catchy tunes....lots of break up songs for sure. ;)


iesha said...

cute look. not a fan of that song, but Call Your Girlfriend..yes! lol


Michelle said...

Love it! The first picture makes me want to blast some music and jump on my bed... watch me not be a pro like you, and get knocked out by my fan!!!

xo M

Sarah Hartley said...

I love that picture that your son took. Amateur photographer in the making? :)

Unknown said...

I am a HUGE Robyn fan...Call Your Girlfriend is my JAM- I am a house music lover and she has some killer remixes too.

LOVE the shots of you- Future superstar fashion photographer Ryder!!!

Happy weekend.

Melissa said...

I can't believe you know who Fefe Dobson is, even if you mention her name in Canada,95% of the time you get a blank stare like who the h@$! is that? Love her and love Robyn too!

Gwen said...

Love these pics! That boy is getting good at photography! ;) Love this combo! :)