February 21, 2013

Outfit: Movie Night

Let me start by saying my hubby does NOT do chick flicks.
In the 8 years we have been together (prior to this night) we had only seen two girly movies together.
Which is probably why I was able to get him to go see Save Haven with me! ;)
Here is what I wore to our movie night out:
Blazer and tank: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: J Brand, Shoes: C/O Just Fab, Watch: Fossil, Chain Bracelet: T+J Designs, Cuff and Earrings: Francescas

For the record he also does not watch sports. Not a one. Which I absolutely LOVE about him (we are more of a music family) so the whole no chick flick thing sort of cancels itself out.
Let's not tell him that though..it was too fun to snuggle and hold hands through this one.

The movie was super cute. Weird and unexpected ending, but really good.
What do you wear to a movie date with you love? Has anyone else seen Safe Haven? What did you think?


Sarah Hartley said...

The detail on your top is so pretty!

Michelle said...

You look adorable, like always! I saw the movie and read the book. The details in the book were better but the ending of the movie was better, less gut wrenching!


Unknown said...

I saw Safe Haven and loved it!! :) Super cute outfit!!

Unknown said...

that bracelet is amazing!
dying to see safe haven.


Polly said...

A perfect movie ensemble. My husband will do the occasional chick flick, but he is also a sports nut, he will watch anything and everything - so its compensation right?