February 4, 2013

Outfit: Neon and Animal Print

I read that two things I love are OUT this year. Neon and arm parties.
I say pish posh to both! I will continue to were as many bracelets as I want at a time as well as rock my neon all year long. ;)
Here is my neon and neutral (animal print) look using two of my 30/60 items:
neonandneutral Photobucket leopard print
Top: Victoria's Secret, Coat: Sheinside, Shorts: Urban Outfitters (similar), Boots: C/O Just Fab, Gold Bracelet: Baublebar, Basketweave Bracelet: C/O T + J Designs, Ring and Earrings: Swap W/ Kaitlyn, Watch: Fossil, Tights: Target
What do you think?
Are arm parties and neon out for you because the trend reports say so?


Sarah Hartley said...

Ooooh, so, so loving this look! And I'm with you- totally not listening about the arm party thing.

WholesaleSarong.com Apparel And Sarong said...

I love the yellow tops. Where can I find those?

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Gwen said...

You look great! Great pop of color! :)

iesha said...

love these colors!


Unknown said...

i love that neon pop. winter needs some big blog color!


Unknown said...

I absolutely love this! Neon and leopard are amazing together!

Polly said...

You go girl, I've never been able to do arm parties because my wrist is too skinny, unless I want to shop from the little girls section and go all pink and sparkly!

Lara Paches said...

Absolutely not! They will both always be in style, according to me :-)