March 4, 2013

Getting Organized

I recently made a quick stop at the Container Store to find a solution for my scarfs, bags, and shoes that seem to have taken over my bedroom.
I ended up making two purchases. The first was a scarf hanger ($5.99):
My scarfs were currently hanging on a bar in my closet and a few were on my wardrobe rack.
This is the before shot:
Here is the after:
Now they hang in my closet and take up a fraction of the space...LOVE that!
My second purchase was a box of 20 clear shoe boxes($33.00).
Here is what my shoe storage currently looks like:
 Shoes and bags all over the place and not very organized.
 I DID already have the under the bed storage so I kept those shoes in there and just focused on getting the rest in order. I found that most of my 5 and 6 inch heels did NOT fit in the boxes, but they DID fit one shoe in each box. Works for me!
Here are my after shots:
Every shoe has a place and I can see them more clearly now. The bags are in better order too as they now have 2 shelves on my old shoe rack.
My walkway is also clearer so now I don't have to worry about tripping or my kids tripping in the middle of the night trying to get to my side of the bed. ;)
What do you think? Do you ever shop at the Container Store. I could spend thousands of dollars in that place!


Sarah Hartley said...

I really need to re-organize my closet. The container store is way too dangerous for me- I try to stay away :)

iesha said...

is it really called the container store? if so, i dont think there is anything around here like that! but i'll hve to shop around. i really need shoe containers!


LakehouseLyn said...

I recently purchased the clear shoe boxes and scarf hanger and I suddenly feel I am on a path to organization in my clothes closet..finally! Thanks for the great ideas. Will be passing this information on in my blog.

Polly said...

Ok I'm inspired! I never thought of under bed storage, I'm so getting onto that!

Lara Paches said...

Great organizational tips! I have never been to the container store but I'm thinking I'll have to make a trip to IL to go..but I know I'll go a little nuts lol!