March 2, 2013

My Current Favorite 5 Lip Colors

Here are my favorite lip colors right now as we head into the spring season:

#2- 505A by Wet N Wild
#4-Pink Cashmere (171) by Loreal ColourRiche
#5- Velvety Fuchsia (173) by Loreal ColourRiche
And last by not least Vaseline.
If you wear lipstick, you need to pamper your lips with Vaseline. I wear it whenever I do not have lipstick on and/or at night time too!
What are your favorite colors right now? Do you wear any of these?


The Style Rawr said...

I really like velty fuchsia!! So pretty.

The Style Rawr!

Gwen said...

Very pretty! Love #3! :)

Polly said...

They are all gorgeous colours, I'm afraid for day to day I generally stick to a nude/pale pink lip colour, I rarely stray.

Garden offices said...

The lipstick colours are bright and nice. It suits you well. I especially love that pink cashmere.