March 11, 2013

Jewelmint Special

I received an email a couple of weeks ago from Jewelmint with a very enticing offer.
For $1 they would send me three NEW STYLES of jewelry and I could "try them out" for 30 days.
 If I wanted to return all three, I could. If I wanted to keep all three I could and just pay the price of two.
Obviously I jumped on that offer as I LOVE Jewelmint, but it's not always in the budget as much as it used to be.
Here is what they sent me:

The cool part about the Mint Expert offer is that you do not get to choose the pieces that are sent. I honestly can say I would have not bought any of these items.
However, I am now in love with all 3 and have a very hard decision on my hands.
What do you think? Did anyone else participate in this offer?

1 comment:

Sarah Hartley said...

Such a fun deal! My fave is the necklace on the right.