May 16, 2013

Lets Talk Watches

Lately I find myself checking out every one's watches.

I have to admit, three years ago I had one watch. ONE!
It had been that way since high school. I would own one watch, wear it daily for years then replace it when it was discolored or no longer working (whichever came first).
I currently own seven watches. I love mixing them up now and find myself lusting over watches everywhere I go!
Here are some watches that made me do a double take:

Which are your favorites?
How many watches do you own?


Arin | Heart of Chic said...

i'll take them all :)


Lara Paches said...

Honestly I only own one watch too! Always have, just like you said I wear it every day and buy a new one when it breaks. I think I am going to add more watches to my collection! After all they are like jewelry, how boring woulf it be to wear the same earrings everyday??! (-:

Sarah Hartley said...

I have a watch fetish so this post is like crack for me!

Unknown said...

i'm digging watches too! love the rose gold one best!

xoxo linds
my style blog :: Ruby Girl

oomph. said...

I'm one of those that finds a watch and wears it all the time...till the battery dies! I may have two that I swap out, one gold and one with silver.