May 6, 2013

Outfit: Mom & Tot Gymnastics

  Both of my kids currently take gymnastics at a local gym.
My son's class is parent free (me and the hubby get to watch/video tape/photo take from the side lines) but my daughter's class is mom or dad & tot.
Here is what I wore for my daughter's class:
 photo 1f9a065d-0227-4c2b-9fcc-ad053b21aef4_zps89181025.jpg  photo bccfa451-86aa-428c-901f-d0ee43f476c9_zps83eec2a2.jpg  photo 35e10816-595c-4fd5-97e9-d9a13cc1a344_zps832867a6.jpg
Me- Tank: Piperlime, Under tank: Forever 21, Shorts: Old Navy, Shoes: JC Penny, Glasses: Prada, Bag: Fossil
Bean- Tank & Shorts: Kohls, Shoes: Striderite
No makeup, no jewelry, hair in a braid right out of the shower, and easy to move in clothes.
I do have to wear socks in the gym, fear not for my wedges. ;)
Are your kids in sports?
I think it's great for kids to be in social groups outside of their siblings at least a few times a month.
Builds confidence and independence, nothing bad about that!  


Sarah Hartley said...

Your little one is so cute. It sounds like a fun class!

Unknown said...

Love your cute but comfy outfit - wedges are so necessary! Also your daughter looks so cute! My son isn't in sports yet but he does wrestle with our puppy quite a bit. This summer we are going to do swimming lessons in group - he is 2 - so that should be fun!

Have a good one!


Arin | Heart of Chic said...

sooo cute!!!!

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks ;) It's fun having a mini me! lol

Balancing Lisa said...

right?! Agreed on the wedges for sure! I didn't swimming at 2 for my son. It was me chasing him around with my butt in the air while the other kids had class. We dropped out! lol

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks Arin! xo

Unknown said...

Love that top! Thanks for following.. I'm following you too :)