June 22, 2013

Book Chat: The Crossfire Series

Today's book chat can also be titled smutty book chat. ;)

I shared that I read the  Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy in the past, and after those I was left looking for something similar yet different.

This series is better written (or more articulate I should say) and the female lead is a strong women and a socialite in her own right. I like that about her. She doesn't need or want him for his money.

It's still the dark and dangerous and the crazy back stories, but there is no bondage. LOTS of sex, lots of epic "we can't breathe unless we are having sex" parts in these books.
Isn't that the appeal?

I give you the what WAS to be the Crossfire trilogies.

I say what was to be a trilogy because I waited until early June to get the third book and at the end it was not over. Yep...it's a series now. I actually read the third book in a 24 hour span because I was so excited to see how the story ended only to find I now have to wait for the next book to come out to see what happens!

Sad it's not done and left with so many open issues (I was SO excited to see how it would end) but excited to continue in the Crossfire Novels.

Okay, who's read it (other then Gwen)? Just Kidding Gwen, you chat in the comments too. ;) 

I say its a must read if you read Fifty Shades and you're looking for another smutty couple to root for. 
It's exciting, dangerous, hot, weird, sad, and awesome all rolled into 3 books (so far).
As far as I am concerned, I think these books are great. I am on my second time through right now.. sometimes I just like to read and reread books.

Do you ever do that?
Lets book chat in the comments section to not spoil the books for everyone:


Dressed With Soul said...

If I don´t blog as much as actually I read about 3 - 4 books in one weeks - I like it really to read so I understand you very well <3

xx from Bavaria, Rena


Balancing Lisa said...

;) me too! I blog in advance so I have my book time too!

Carly said...

I seriously LOVE this post...I am going to read these...I have been trying to find a series...read the Fifty Shades last summer...read the True Blood series the summer before...this is perfect...
now I just need to tell the boys to behave for like 2 minutes and I can sit back and get to reading. lol.

Vanna said...

I know what my summer reads will be now! Thanks Lisa!

oomph. said...

thanks for the suggestions. i have yet to read 50 shades!!!!

my daughter re-reads her books many times...if i had time, maybe i would :)

Gwen said...

Love this series! Excited that the story is not over yet! I want to read more!! Thank god for you for keeping me reading all these books! Can't wait for the next! How long to we have to wait for next book now? What's next on the list? Lol! Xo