June 24, 2013

Just Fab #FabFashionNetwork #SummerSolstice Event

This past Friday I hosted the Chicago #FabFashionNetwork #SummerSolstice party for Just Fab. There were Just Fab events going on in different cities all across the US at the same time. It was very cool to be part of such a fun night!

 We were lucky enough to have this event at Vertigo Sky Lounge and the weather turned out to be be amazing even though it had rained all day. (Thank you fashion weather gods! :)

Here is what I wore:
 photo b4baae21-8e6f-4484-a424-7a3526957b9b_zps6420b14d.jpg  photo JustFab_zps79513c54.jpg  photo fb3415ed-7963-4a9c-9754-8c0b15b69418_zps50838f46.jpg

Here are some photos from the event:

 photo VertigoSkyLoungeChicago_zpscc4f0a3c.jpg
We had a beautiful reserved area where I set up the goodie bags and the items that were going to be given away. There were appetizers and raffle tickets waiting for the Just Fab ladies (and a few gents) who made it out. The decor was just stunning and the outdoor area of the roof top bar was amazing. We really did luck out in landing such a beautiful location! 
 photo FabFashionNetwork_zps2e72a41f.jpg
Drinks were flowing and prizes were given out. Who doesn't want new jewelry, bags, gift cards for free shoes, and $20 off coupons (in addition to what was in the gift bags everyone got)! 
 photo 35843f0b-d227-4502-91a3-07a4ccf1b1bd_zps2fc25bd3.jpg  photo a8f37055-bf59-4092-a38d-fac3afa03059_zps52f85a8a.jpg  photo JustFab_zpscd1a020a.jpg  photo JustFabSummerSolstice_zpsaeefa343.jpg  photo b8443914-e08d-4364-850d-168c38994a25_zps0f6f5f02.jpg

I had such a fun time and I hope all who came out did too! 

For more photos and individuals of every shot above check out my FB page photo album from our night out. 
(Photos taken by Neil Pili)
A giant thank you to JUST FAB for sponsoring this event!

Did you attend the Just Fab event in your city? 


Dee Dee said...

I am SO sad about this. I don't know how I missed this!! It looked fun, though. Hopefully there will be another one this summer :)

Unknown said...

you look AWESOME mama! What a cool event..looks like you had a blast!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your bag! :)

Gwen said...

You look beautiful! That dress is stunning! The event looks perfect! So glad it was a huge success! Congrats! :)

Miracle workers said...

You and your friends look so so so pretty.. Give my regards to this girl who's wearing a light green dress..

Balancing Lisa said...

;( Everyone was invited! Next one for sure!!!

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks C, means a lot coming from you! ;) it was a great night! xo

Balancing Lisa said...

Gotta love just fab! It was my june pick so I'm sure you can still buy it online!

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks gwen, we missed you!

oomph. said...

love the pink pops! i saw all the photos...looked like so much fun! awesome pic of you and K sitting together.

Baby Shopaholic said...

What a great event! You looked JUSTFAB : ). Can't wait to see you in July!