June 13, 2013

Book Chat: The Viampire Diaries

Okay, before you point, laugh, and call me a dork let me explain myself.
I love to read.
I prefer to read trilogies or series because I like the story to keep going.
I am a huge fan of the TV show The Vampire Diaries.
My first reaction was I did not want to read these books because I loved the show so much and didn't want them to ruin it for me.
They did end up ruining the show for me but not in the sense that I thought they would.
I ended up liking the books better!! Except the end...but lets chat in the comment section and not spoil it for everyone. ;)
They are NOT like the TV show at all. The plot is VERY different!
There are 10 books (book 3 & 4 in one longer book together) and I promise you I was not able to put them down.
In fact, I cried during one of them. I'm not talking about regular crying, I'm talking about balling my eyes out type of crying.
That was a first for me as I have never gotten so emotional over a book before.

Are they cheesy and written for high school kids? YES.
Are they weird and have things like dark dimensions, wolfs, and vampires (among other spices)? YES.
Is there an epic love story? YES.
Do they keep the plot exciting and make you want to start each new book? YES.
I'd say this series is great and if you watch the show it's a must read for sure.
The last 3 were not my favorite (they were still good), but at that point I was so far in, I couldn't stop!
Have you read this series? Thoughts?
Lets book chat in the comment section...


Michele said...

Haven't read the vampire diaries but if you like series, you should definitely read Game of Thrones. I'm on book three and they are awesome!

Gwen said...

You know I loved reading them too! Can't believe how fast we read them all too! I miss reading about the characters now. Thanks again for reading with me! So much fun when your best friend is reading the same series at the same time, as if we already don't have enough to chat about ;) xo

Balancing Lisa said...

I have been thinking about reading those but everyone says it's hard to follow all the plots. I do watch the show so it's for sure something I'm into! Thanks for the suggestion! xo

Balancing Lisa said...

I'd be a shell of a woman with out you gwen!! Now hurry up and read the cross fire books so I can book chat those 3 next! ;)

and I do like how it ended, I just wish she ended up with damon like she is in the show.... ;) Team damon!!! xo

Ksullivan said...

Try the JD Robb "In Death" series. There are over 25 books so far and she is still writing more. It is a futuristic crime/ romance series, so it is a fun read. Since the series started in 1995 some of the futuristic "technology" is a bit outdated, but that part always gives me a good laugh. Overall the crime/murder plot lines are interesting, but I LOVE the romance part between the lead character "Eve Dallas" and her man....