June 29, 2013

Product Review: Seat Pets & Tummy Stuffers

I was recently gifted two new toys for the kids.
The first is a Seat Pets. We got the pink cat and my daughter instantly fell in love.
Here is what the seat pet looks like:

Seat Pets come in seven different animals and are just 19.99!
They come with a strap so you can bring your seat pet in and out of the car. It velcrows right to the seat belt keeping the seat belt in place and no more dangling heads when they nap. It's a perfect item to let kids put stuff in the zip pouch and pockets and take naps on.
My daughter is a bit too small to use it in the car as she is 2 (Seat Pets for 3 year olds and up) but she still puts it across her lap and rests her head on it! She also sleeps with this guy...seriously new best friend guys. And she calls it the car cat! lol

The second toy we received was a small Tummy Stuffer.
You can choose from six different animals and you can store, organize, and hide items inside them!
My son was very excited about this one as he has seen the commercial many times and knew you can fill them up with lots of different items.

They retail for $19.99 and you receive the mini one for free with each purchase.

We got the mini one but wow does this little guy hold a lot!
My son fit about 150 Hot Wheels cars in his Tummy Stuffer and there was still space for more things!

I think either of these items would make a great gift for a b-day or just a fun treat for your own kids. My kids are very obsessed with both!

Do you have a Seat Pet or Tummy Stuffer?
Do your kids want one? Those commercials are really so catchy! ;)


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