November 19, 2013

Outfit: Print Mixing it up!

 photo 876a2432-5d52-423c-9a49-aebf177b1abd_zps812533eb.jpg  photo 20118fa1-63e4-4022-828a-84b8a5aceb1d_zps4f42fe2a.jpg  photo 9cf36a27-1850-4d0f-86ee-da0ad060d6d1_zpsb5f230aa.jpg
I'm going through a major print mixing phase right now. I was always a bit fearful of what prints to mix and match with and lately I've decided who cares! lol
No, but seriously, no guts, no glory so why not just go for it?

I got this super cute boat blouse on Because I Shop Too Much and other then pairing it with white denim in the spring, I haven't worn it much. I wanted to change that right away. 

 photo 7d50e286-dce3-4170-9e73-006e5b28645c_zps026fc453.jpg  photo 9005ad28-103a-4b51-b506-7d1505aa0c86_zpsea2e4d3d.jpg  photo ee96ab17-9665-4a7b-8d5d-4f736ef7c135_zpsc57ba818.jpg
Top: BISTM // Scarf: Loft // Jacket: Buffalo Jeans // Jeans: Gap // Boots: BISTM 

I am also loving these cute fringe boots. I have to say BISTM is hands down one on my favorite online sites right now. There are tons of new items added daily so I strongly suggest you check them out (and make your own closet while you are there). 

What do you think of print mixing? 
Do you like to keep it subtle or go bold?


Sarah Hartley said...

You're making me really miss my boat blouse :)

mrsjay said...

Love your effortless style!!! You always look great!!

Johanna said...

You look so pretty in these photos and of course I love your outfit. Are we on a new skin regime or is your skin just normally awesome?