December 3, 2013

Outfit: Girls Night Out

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 photo aa60c245-b3b7-4437-a491-5b8b8596a387_zps200d16cb.jpg  photo a6b71fcc-c915-46ca-a5ac-13c43f6d6724_zps9ff2ddb0.jpg  photo 8689bbca-266a-4a98-ad69-82baf17c8c4d_zpsb920e176.jpg
I don't get many non-networking/bloggers/Because I shop Too Much events nights out. Truth be told I love to spend my nights at home with my family, but it IS amazing when I do get to have a girls night. 

This night I met up with a girl friend, had dinner and a drink, and did a bit of shopping to boot. What's better then catching up with a friend and then shopping too?! ;) 

 photo 61074dfe-9d41-4e2d-b91e-ce3029c6708e_zps35e001ca.jpg  photo 6163b624-e62c-445b-a1cf-07a0622e93c3_zps436d04ce.jpg  photo 983fea17-4f74-4344-b3a8-e1193be1230f_zps963fe996.jpg
Knit: Swap w/ Kaitlyn // Jeans: Loft // Coat: Piperlime // Boots: c/o Sole Society // Hat: Swell // Necklace, Double Ring, & Love Ring: T+J Designs // Bag: Just Fab

How pretty is the first snow of the season? Sure it gets old fast and shoveling is not ideal (nor is driving in it), but it just feels like Christmas when it snows. And anyone who knows me know I LOVE Christmas! 

What do you with your friends to unwind? 
Ever sneak away with an old friend and talk for hours and still not feel "caught up"? ;) 

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