January 6, 2014

Outfit: New Years Eve

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 photo a368c7e5-1ce8-4463-835d-541f1b80ea85_zps90f997a3.jpg  photo 1e43ddd5-e1ce-48f1-b642-b9eec842832a_zpsf697e89a.jpg 
This year, I dressed for my hubby. I generally dress for girls (here are some of my past NYE looks 1 // 2) and my hubby thinks I look pretty, but not hot.
This year I was going for "humala humala boomski" and I think I nailed it as my hubby's jaw dropped when I showed him this dress the night before. 

 It is a very daring dress so I figured if I didn't wear it on NYE it would end up in my closet until I mustered up the guts to try it next year. 
Well, I'm not getting any younger....go for it! ;) I'm so glad I did as my mantra "no guts, no glory" has never steered me wrong. 
 photo d7570959-55c5-418e-a56e-c567e95eeabf_zpsd1f26f36.jpg  photo 02f0a8a0-1e6f-447e-8ffe-ff7c93112b69_zps3e7290ba.jpg Dress: Express // Shoes: Shoemint // Necklace: Threadsence // Watch: Fossil // Chain Bracelet: Victoria's Secret // Bow Bracelet, Large Cuff, & Rings: T+J Designs // Earrings: House of Gemmes// Ear Plugs: c/o DownBeats

I spent NYE at the House of Blues Chicago this year watching my hubby's band Lucky Boys Confusion. 
Swizzle Tree opened for them and we headed upstairs and saw the Smoking Popes too. 
Such a fun NYE and loved that everyone came so dressed up! 
 photo NYE_zpsd0882f61.jpg 
This year goes down in the books as my favorite kiss at midnight. 
As a wife of the drummer it's hard to get our kiss in as the band plays before and after the NYE countdown. 
This year the hubby came off stage and just stood with me for a few minutes literally holding up the band. Sorry guys, I haven't had a good midnight kiss in years (he's always racing to get back behind the drums or I'm on stage and get a fast kiss and run off before the music starts). It's tricky and why shouldn't I get to suck face like the rest of you? ;) 
I was glad Jason and Bonnie (the bass player and his wife) did the same as us. So they both held up the band and both of their wives thank them! 

Here is a shot someone took of us during the countdown. Thank you dude who grabbed my camera!! Again, something I don't usually get, photos of midnight! 
 photo 48faeae7-6f2e-43b2-aba9-f751dab47808_zps57274686.jpg

What did you do on NYE this year?
It's so fun to go all out but I can't wait for a year we do nothing and stay home with the family too! 


LakehouseLyn said...

Beautiful wife and(love the dress), handsome husband, and what a New Year's! So happy the night was everything you hoped for. xoxo

Unknown said...

You look fantastic! Love the dress!! Beth

Sarah Hartley said...

You guys are the cutest. And you look HOT. Glad you got your midnight kiss!

Julie said...

Aww what a great guy! You look amazing as always! love that dress


Balancing Lisa said...

thanks to you guys again for watching our babies ;) xo

Balancing Lisa said...

aww, thanks Beth! xo

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks! and thanks for voting the naked dress...I almost chickened out! lol

Balancing Lisa said...

thank you Julie! xo